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are the standards we live by

impactfully Nilgiris

As tea devotees, we are committed to not only what is good for our us as tea drinkers but also what is good for the environment and for the people who produce the tea we enjoy so much.

Sourcing tea and ingredients that are grown organically with respect to the environment and the community is our first step to doing good for the tea workers and our customers.

our sustainability efforts

organically grown

our teas are grown in pristine hills and valleys of the Nilgiris without chemical fertilizers or pesticides - only natural air, spring water and great care for the crops

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RainForest Alliance Certified

our partnership with Rainforest Alliance helps to reduce environmental footprint of tea production, protect water and soil and improve quality of life for farming communities

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direct trade

our direct relationships with the tea growers is a prefect opportunity to take the initiatives that improve the livelihood of local tea workers and their families

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community connections

supporting the local communities and their families are a huge part of our mission. By drinking GavaTea you help provide opportunities for the tea growers and their families

our partners
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