How drinking green tea can power up your running game

There are many reasons why green tea has increasingly been given the green light and is the most recommended beverage by fitness and nutrition experts. 

Green tea is a great fitness supplement that is all-natural and will give you a great energy boost. And if you pick a good tea blend, you can avail some more healthy benefits from your power drink. Hence, if you don’t like lot of chemicals and junk in your body and are looking out for a great pre-workout supplement – it’s definitely green tea.

Green tea provides you with a powerful boost of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. It boosts metabolism, increases fat oxidation, endurance during exercises and improves overall health.

Get to know your tea, experiment and explore, develop your relationship and enjoy your fitness journey with tea. It is your all round performance drink. So, drink up and see how tea can step up your game!

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Endurance boost

Catechins in green tea increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel late in the workout, which results in improved muscle endurance.

Energy and alertness

Tea offers performance-boosting benefits when consumed before, during or after a run. Caffeine in tea provides long-lasting energy and focus.


A moderate amount of caffeine found in tea can be useful for athletes. Unlike coffee, caffeine in tea releases slowly without a spike and a crash. 


Dehydration impedes performance and causes issues like cramping and fatigue. Tea is a fantastic way to stay hydrated. It has similar hydrating properties to water and doesn’t contain calories or sugar, unlike sports drinks.

Post-workout recovery

Drinking tea (green and black) can be effective in post-workout recovery. Catechins (antioxidants) in tea help reduce oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Tea can help with muscle recovery by clearing out the by-products of training. 

VO2 max

EGCG can improve your VO2 max– a measure of how efficiently your body uses oxygen. 

Relaxation and sleep

The relaxing effect of L-theanine in tea promotes reduction in stress and peaceful sleep.

Tea is very personal. We would recommend that fitness enthusiasts should collect an assortment of teas – black, oolong, green, white and herbal blends, and see what they enjoy the most. Maybe it’s delicate green tea in the morning, oolong after a run, or a herbal blend without any caffeine to wind down after an evening run. And remember, quality counts in tea. So, make sure that you choose whole leaf, high quality, all natural, fresh and premium tea. For added flavour and health boost, try infusing your tea with fresh fruits, herbs and spices.

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