why GavaTea?

love for tea,

land and


The word “gava” originates from the Badaga tribal community in the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India. “Gava” means “love” or “caring”, which perfectly describes the essence of the tribal people. Badagas are known for their unique customs, incredible hospitality and a century-long tea growing tradition. Guests are always treated with great respect and – you guessed it – a cup of chai. At GavaTea, we invite you to experience the unique culture of the Nilgiris and to share our love for its tea, land and people.

our mission

Our mission is to bring you high quality tea that is grown sustainably, plucked carefully, processed thoughtfully, delivered speedily and enjoyed cheerfully. Our teas are handpicked from a single estate and never blended, so each batch retains a unique flavor profile. We don’t take shortcuts, but if we do, it’s to deliver our tea straight from the garden to your doorstep.

So, make yourself at home and enjoy a fresh cup of gava.

our promise to you


always fresh

our teas are produced in small batches and shipped to you directly from the estates



our teas are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Check out our organic collection



the FairTrade premiums support the tea workers, their families and the local communities


great service

we love our customers and treat them as a family, from the very first sip