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Organic Black FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe)

This organic variety comes from the highest altitude tea estate in southern India. At over 8,000 ft, the sunshine is abundant and the water comes directly from the rain and the clear cold springs. This tea is composed of open, slightly twisted leaves of uniform size and deep reddish brown color. As is typical of high-quality organic tea from India, the infusion offers a bright amber liquor and a brisk flavor with delicate floral undertones.

Organic Black BOPF (Broken Orange Pekoe fanning’s)

A rich and refreshing Organic Black BOPF from India’s highest tea estates. Its fresh and crisp flavor with delightful balance of malt and flower guarantees a perfect cup to taste every morning. This tea is best enjoyed for breakfast or all day, with or without milk or sugar, although we would recommend a touch of fresh milk for your cup.

Organic Green BOPF

This fresh, bright and deep cup is brough to you from the Emerald hills of India where the soil is fertile and every leaf is treated with love and care. Take a break from your day and enjoy the journey with this delectable and energizing infusion of health.



Black FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe)

This Black FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe) tea is grown in the hills of southern India. The abundance of rain each year and the quick chill at night create a well-balanced, smooth and rounded flavor. This delicate tea contains fine, tender young leaves with buds, also referred to as tips (a mark of quality tea). The larger size unbroken leaves make for a mellow taste with light malty and citrusy notes. It’s ideally consumed plain or with a few drops of lime and honey. It is also a favorite for making iced teas.

Black BOPF (Broken Orange Pekoe fanning’s)

BOPF Black tea is one of the most popular tea grades. Finely-broken pieces of leaf with a recognizable coarse texture bring out a good balance of taste and strength. Our high grown BOPF black tea makes reddish bright and strong liquor in your cup. Just put it in your infuser and pour boiling water over it. It will create a rich thick brew in 2-3 minutes, so is perfect for your hurried morning routine. You may add sweetener or milk to taste.

Green BOPF

Typically green or yellow in color, this green tea imparts toasty and mild flavors. The leaves are carefully plucked at the peak freshness and then steamed and rolled to release the enzymes and aroma. One of the healthiest teas to drink for its anti-oxidant properties.


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