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Like you’ll never step into the same river twice,

you’ll never drink the same cup of tea again 

Seasonal Collection

Whether you are a seasoned tea enthusiast or new to the world of tea, you’d likely agree that every new tea you try looks and tastes different. All tea comes from the same plant ‘camellia sinensis’, yet the endless combinations of terroir, elevation, seasons, weather conditions and processing methods make each batch of tea completely unique. Like you never step into the same river twice, you’ll never drink the same cup of tea again.

the origin

Our teas come from the Nilgiri region in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, in the mountain range within the Western Ghats. A home to some of the finest tea plantations in the world, the Nilgiris, also known as the “Blue Mountains”, are famous for picturesque landscapes and uniquely dark and strongly aromatic tea. The Nilgiris region has a cooler temperature than surrounding areas due to the elevation, making it ideal for growing tea. Because of its altitude and distinct wet and dry seasons, the tea of Nilgiri differs greatly from others grown in well-known locations like Assam or Darjeeling.

The tea produced by the estates in Nilgiri offers a mellow and clean liquor and fine and distinct flavor, which is derived from the high elevation ranging from 6,000 to 8,000 ft. Considered a blender’s dream, Nilgiri teas give the liquor extra body and strength.

Numerous tea estates and factories in the area expertly produce superior white (also known as Silver Needle), oolong, green as well as black teas of various grades, including fine orange pekoe and fanning’s.

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The ‘must try’ seasonal varieties are Golden Tips and the famous Frost Tea, which can only be found in the Nilgiris.

Seasonal Collection

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the ‘special’ in the specialty tea

When someone says ‘specialty tea,’ what do they mean? 

In general, specialty tea refers to higher-quality tea that is either hand processed or unique. Specialty tea may be single estate tea, FairTrade, Organic tea or rare tea such as white Silver Needle or Frost tea. It’s also known as ‘artisan tea’. But specialty tea is really much more than that.

Much like wine, the region in which the tea is grown and subsequently processed, gives its own distinctive character. Specialty tea or fine loose leaf tea possesses exceptional qualities. Unlike mass-market or commodity tea, specialty tea consists of whole leaf or partial loose leaf tea. Most commodity tea is finely cut and blended for use in tea bags.

Our high-grade loose leaf specialty teas come from small single estates where each estate masterfully crafts a unique tea all originating from the Camellia sinensis plant. It is the variety of the tea plants, the elevation, the season (also known as flush), the terrain, and the process of picking and drying that determines the qualities of the final product: white, green, yellow, oolong or black. It is amazing how one plant can produce so many different varieties of tea.

GavaTea difference

GavaTea’s specialty are exclusive teas from the Nilgiris. We’ve climbed the hills and have gone an extra mile to find the teas that deserve to be in your tea chest. Our collections feature teas that are:

  • whole leaf (using either ‘two leaves and a bud’ or ‘one leaf and a bud’ for extra fine taste)
  • organic *
  • FairTrade **
  • single estate
  • handcrafted
  • rare (such as organic Silver Needle, Frost, Golden tips or hand rolled tea)
  • made of either Camellia sinensis sinensis – the original Chinese plant, or Camellia sinensis assamica – the hybrid plant. Try both to feel the difference 

<<link to the store featuring those teas>>

*look for the USDA Organic logo

** look for the FairTrade seal



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